Foodie Gift Guide 2013 – 25 Gifts For Cooks & Bakers

Christmas Day is nearing faster and faster and if you haven’t gotten your gifts for your foodies, it’s time you do!  I’ve made a Foodie Gift Guide 2013, in no order although they are slightly paired together, to help you to get gifts for your foodies for this Christmas or any time!  I tried to find as many items on Amazon as possible, not only because they are cheaper but so you can just have one cart and free shipping! Personally, I want the Julia Child Book, the Game of Thrones Cookbook, the Mushroom Measuring Spoons and the West Elm Cake Stand which is so beautiful. This guide should target your Classic, Girly, Manly, Geeky and Techie Foodies! Enjoy!

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Foodie Gift Guide - 25 Gifts for Bakers & Cooks

1. Stuffed Hamburger Press with Lifter [Williams-Sonoma] 2. GEFU Spirelli Spiral Cutter [Amazon] 3. Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food[Amazon] 4. Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher[Amazon] 5. Egg Minder – Wink-Enabled Egg Tray [ThinkGeek] 6. Bacon Periodic Table Wood Cutting Board [Esty] 7. Nordic Ware 365 Indoor/Outdoor Meatball Griller[Amazon] 8. In The Charcuterie: The Fatted Calf’s Guide to Making Sausage, Salumi, Pates, Roasts, Confits, and Other Meaty Goods [Amazon] 9. Guy Gourmet: Great Chefs’ Best Meals for a Lean & Healthy Body [Amazon] 10. Unofficial Game of Thrones CookBook [Amazon]

Foodie Gift Guide - 25 Gifts for Bakers & Cooks

11. Mushroom Measuring Spoons 12. Kobenstyle Cookware 13. Scarlet Fondant Apron 14. Filomena Baking Collection 15. Scalloped Celebration Cake Stand 16. Marcel Serving Tongs 17. Ice Crushing Kit 18. Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit 19. Bistro Canisters - [all Anthropologie]

Foodie Gift Guide - 25 Gifts for Bakers & Cooks

20. Games of Thrones Dragon Egg Canister [ThinkGeek] 21. Mastering the Art of French Cooking, 50th Anniversary Edition [Amazon] 22. Le Creuset 1 Qt. Oval French Oven [Le Creuset] 23. Average Joe Artisanal Bread Kit, Cook’s Edition [Anthropologie] 24. Cheat Sheet Kitchen Apron [ThinkGeek] 25. West Elm BeeHive Cake Stand [West Elm]


P.S. If you order from ThinkGeek, which a lot of these links are from, you can get 25% off Orders of $40 and above by using the code GALLEON.

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    • Jessica says

      Thanks Anne! It was so hard to make this because now I want to get all the guy stuff for my guy (and of course use them myself) :). My guy would so love the beer making kit too!

  1. says

    It’s so much fun to look at this. You did a great job with this gift guide and as someone who is always stumped when it comes to gift-giving, I’ll be checking these out more closely. Happy Holidays!

  2. says

    Oh I love aprons from Anthropologie! That one is gorgeous! I bought one last year that was heavily on sale but I still check to look at all their new ones! haha window shopping if you will : )

    • Jessica says

      I totally understand Ashley! On last year’s gift guide I realised I had like three Anthropologie aprons; they are just so adorable! So lucky you got one on sale! I think it’s safe to say I window shop their site monthly :)

  3. says

    What a fun and inspiring collection of gift ideas! I have a favorite recipe for stuffed hamburgers, so how have I missed the fact that there’s a gadget to make that process easier?!? Brilliant! And I had no idea there was a Game of Thrones cookbook (although I probably should have suspected, right!?!?)! Thanks for all the fab ideas! :D

    • Jessica says

      You’re welcome Shelley! I felt the exactly same way with the stuffed hamburgers! I’m thinking of gifting it to myself :) – how ingenious is this?! And the Game of Thrones cookbook just moved to my wish list haha it’s such a cool idea! True though, they are coming up with a Game of Thrones everything!

    • Jessica says

      Ahh Christine that’s amazing and it’s probably not new news but CONGRATS! I’m soo glad you like my gift guide :D and that it helps! Thanks for pinning too :D

    • Jessica says

      Thanks Consuelo!! I really tried to diversify it so I’m glad you do! Unfortunately (LOL) I too want everything and I am so impatient that putting stuff on my wish list is hard – I want to just gift myself everything :D. The mushroom measuring cups are sooo cute!

  4. says

    I love those cakes stands…all of them…and that apron is adorable. My head is spinning a little bit here as I love so many things! Nice gift guide.

  5. says

    What a wonderful gift guide, so many lovely things on here :) Love Anthro and always seem to linger in there for much too long hehe. Great job on putting this together :) Thanks for sharing and the inspiration Jessica and hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping!

  6. says

    Well, this is a FANTASTIC list, Jessica, and I kind of want everything you’ve listed here because it would all be so wonderful in my kitchen.

    ALSO, how come nobody told me there’s a Game of Thrones cookbook? I can see getting into some MAJOR trouble with that baby, as my husband and I are huge fans!

    • Jessica says

      I feel the same way Reginia (although I hope Santa brings me 1-25…a bit much??) :). I’m sure if you put out a glass of cookies for him he will ;).

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